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IAICDV Industry Awards
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The Hall of Fame

The Doctorate of Ice Cream (ICD)

The International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors



The Hall of Fame


The IAICDV Hall of Fame was established in 2009 to recognize outstanding and extraordinary achievements in the ice cream industry. Induction into the IAICDV Hall of Fame is the highest honor in our industry. It is bestowed upon individuals who have dedicated their careers to the overall betterment of the ice cream industry as well as have participated in trade associations, educational efforts and community involvement.


The Hall of Fame Committee, comprised of 5 members selected by the Executive Committee and either an Honorary Director or Past President, shall consider the merit of each nominee.


Nominations for induction into the Hall of Fame are welcome and should complete the application form by clicking here.



  • At least 20 years of service in the ice cream industry
  • A demonstrated loyalty to the industry
  • Active participation in growing and supporting the industry
  • All nominees must be contacted to receive acceptance of nomination
  • Unless deceased, the nominee must be present to accept his or her award, unless otherwise determined by the Hall of Fame Committee

For more information about the IAICDV Hall of Fame, please contact:


Hall of Fame Selection Committee

c/o IAICDV Headquarters

3601 East Joppa Rd.

Baltimore, MD 21234

Phone: (410) 931-8111

Fax: (410) 931-8111


__________________2014 Inductees__________________


Earl Barish

Earl Barish joined the Association’s Executive, then the National Association of Ice Cream Vendors (NAICV) in the early ‘80’s. After several positions on the executive, he became President for two years – 1993 and 1994 – and along with his wife Cheryl, guided the association through its 25th Anniversary – a memorable event. The Association changed the ‘N’ in its name to an ‘I’, referring to the word ‘International’ as Earl was its first Canadian President.


Earl and his brother Sid owned and operated Dickie Dee Ice Cream in Canada – a mobile 3-wheel pedalled bike operation. It began in 1959 in Winnipeg, Canada with eight bikes and grew to 1,500 as well as 5,500 ice cream cabinets in retail outlets from coast to coast in Canada.


Earl was voted one of Canada’s top 80 Entrepreneurs and was referred to as the ‘King of the Vendors’.

Sid Barish

Earl in Western Canada and Sid in Eastern Canada, developed new products in their ice cream operations as well as many new and unique ice cream novelties that were sold from the ice cream bikes. In 1988 the introduction of the gourmet boxed ice cream bar known as the “Richard D’s” bar appealed to a market that had previously never experienced a bar of that quality. Despite its higher retail price, the “Richard D’s” bar, gradually took off and became a highly popular item across Canada. The bubble cabinet was then developed to house and market the gourmet bar along with other unique products which were part of its planogram. In the early 1990's Dickie Dee was sold to Unilever International-Good Humor/Breyers. 


Sid served as Vice President for the IAICDV and was a driving force for the industry in Canada.

Eric Walsh

Eric was responsible for the acquisition of the Klondike, Breyers and Ben and Jerry Brands into the Unilever Portfolio. He is an icon in the Global Ice Cream Industry and was responsible for making Unilever Ice Cream the first Ice Cream Division to reach $1 billion in sales.


__________________2012 Inductee__________________


Stephan Feldman


Steve played an important part in shaping and guiding the IAICDV into the strong organization it is today. He is responsible for developing funding initiatives that raised significant revenue when needed for the association. He helped grow the association by promoting the importance of safety on the ice cream vending industry.


__________________2011 Inductees__________________


Jim Roberts


Jim has served as legal counsel to the IAICDV since 1974. He has protected the industry and the association with his legal guidance and support and serves as an honorary director on the board and the executive committee of IAICDV.


Robert Holder


__________________2009 Inductees__________________


Doc Abernathy


Inventor of the Bomb Pop, Doc was pivotal in the development of many licensed ice cream novelties.


Manny Ginsberg


At 15 Manny Ginsberg started selling ice cream from a shoulder box on Revere Beach. By the time he was 17, he purchased his first ice cream dipping stand. At 19 he became the youngest Howard Johnson Franchisee ever. Manny had a vision that more ice cream could be sold by taking his products to where people where. Dissatisfied with the traditional ice cream jump truck being used at that time, Manny innovated a new mobile vending truck, which he called the “inside sales” vehicle. Manny’s invention, enabled his company and the ice cream vending industry to experience rapid growth. Manny built and sold over 10,000 ice cream trucks throughout the world and along the way, he helped countless people get started in business. Manny was an inspirational entrepreneur who believed in the benefits of hard work and mutuality. Manny was an original Founding Member of the IAICV.


Bill and Jim Conway



Jim Conway - seated left; Bill Conway - standing in center

Bill and Jim started Mister Softee, one of the largest ice cream fleets in the United States.The company was an innovator in soft ice cream vending.  From humble beginnings in West Philadelphia, Mister Softee now has some 650 trucks operating in 18 states and a separate venture in China. In 2016 the company will celebrate its 60th anniversary.


Al Reynolds


Al is the founder of the Ice Cream Vending Association, and also operated one of the largest ice cream fleets in world.


Jay Schwartz


Jay has one of the largest company-owned ice cream fleets, and has been a driving force for IAICDV.


The International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors



The Doctorate of Ice Cream (ICD)


The purpose of the ICD is to honor individuals who have been responsible and great leaders, through their personal and business accomplishments, in the ice cream industry. To qualify for nomination, individuals must have contributed the following special attributes to the ice cream industry:

  • Dedication to the industry
  • Longevity in the industry
  • Business acumen
  • Foster Learning, Innovation and Change
  • Team Player and Cooperative spirit
  • Sense of Integrity and Fairness

________________2015 Inductees________________


Mike Johnston


Mike was born in Taos, New Mexico on July, 27th, 1945. He worked in the marketing and food service industries most of his life. In 2006 he and wife Sharon became the proud owners of Southern Ice Cream Corporation, a Distributor of Premium Ice Cream and Specialty Foods in Stafford Texas. Mike was a Member and past President of the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors. He was passionate about bettering the Ice Cream industry always willing to share, mentor and volunteer.


Mohan Thawani


Mohan’s work life included Dickie Dee Ice Cream, Good Humor, Breyers Ice Cream, Unilever Ice Cream, Avalanche Foods and most recently Supper Works! Mohan was also a long time member and a supporter of the IAICDV.


_________________2014 Recipient_________________


The IAICDV is proud to announce William Greg McCarty from Blue Bunny as recipient of the 2014 Doctorate of Ice Cream.

_________________2013 Recipients_________________


President Chris Long proudly announced four new recipients of the ICD during the 44th Annual Convention's closing reception on November 7, 2014. The honorees were: Daniel Morales, Tom Renwald, Sr., Ed Markey, and Robert Borski, Jr.


_________________2012 Recipients__________________


The IAICDV is pleased to announce the 2012 recipients of the Doctorate of Ice Cream (ICD) award. The honorees were: Ken Schwarz, Steve Feldman and Bruce Shoecraft (not pictured).

       Ken Schwarz

              Steve Feldman



_________________2011 Recipients___________________


It is an honor and privilege to announce that Ginger Shain, Leo Gage and Bob Kleifgen were the first three recipients of the Doctorate of Ice Cream (ICD) award. Their awards were presented at the 42nd Annual Convention in November 2011.


                 Leo Gage

                    Ginger Shain

           Bob Kleifgen


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