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June 2016


Dear colleagues,

As the second quarter of 2016 comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for continuing to invest in the association and in helping us strengthen the industry for all of our members. Additionally, this is a great time to talk about all the changes that are underway at the IAICDV. If you are as invested as I am in the organization, you are likely quite pleased with the activity currently underway as Headquarters and our various committees work on developing great educational content and experiences for us at the 2017 Annual Convention, which will be held in Orlando, Florida Nov. 14-16. Not only can you enjoy all the experiences that the convention will afford you as an industry professional, but you can make a family trip out of this year’s event as Disney, Epcot Theme Park and Universal Studios.


While it’s hard to imagine what we’ll be doing in November, as we’re in our busiest season now, I can promise you that once summer is over, and we’re experiencing a slowdown in our operations, the Annual Convention will likely be top of mind for you - as I know it will be for me. From what I’ve gathered from our members who are working on planning the convention, this year’s 47th Annual Convention will be packed with great content, a slew of exhibitors and endless opportunities for education and refocusing your business acumen for next year’s selling season.


In addition to planning for the Annual Convention, the IAICDV website has seen some enhancements and improvements over the last few months. New graphics and updated information are sure to catch your eye when you visit the website, as I do several times a week. I would encourage all of you to visit the website and take a glimpse at the changes. I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as I am. The Marketing Committee also worked closely with Headquarters to update some of the content areas on the website so there are fewer obstacles to reading the great information that is housed in our online libraries and resource centers.


I’d like to take this opportunity to also mention a great new program - the Employee Recognition Award. This was the result of conversations held with association members that felt we should do something to recognize the commitment and dedication of those people on our teams who often go unnoticed: Our amazing staff members. We all know how important it is to encourage and promote key principals of goodwill, professionalism, excellence, safety and dedication to customer service within our organizations. This new program recognizes those employees who live these principals and reflect a positive image of our industry through exceptional customer service and/or safety habits. If you have an employee worthy of recognition, please consider nominating him or her for this award. The winner will be invited to attend the 2016 Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida where he or she will be recognized with an engraved plaque at the Awards Banquet. The winner’s convention registration fee, hotel accommodations and travel expenses will be paid for by the IAICDV, as well. The association will also invite the winner to bring one guest to the Awards Banquet. The guest’s banquet fee and travel expenses also will be paid. Too often it is the people behind the scenes whose commitment and love for the industry goes unacknowledged. This award addresses their character. What a great way for IAICDV to show its support for the backbone of so many of our operations!

If you haven’t already, please take advantage of our scholarship program which is designed to help IAICDV members with business development. The 2016 Manny Ginsberg Scholarship will be awarded to an individual who, by their hard work, perseverance and dedication to the entrepreneurial spirit, have made a significant contribution to their community, company, the ice cream vending industry, and their future success. The IAICDV General Scholarship Fund is supported by the Association, and through donations from IAICDV member companies. The deadline for scholarship applications is Oct. 1, 2016.


I feel it is very important to restate how committed I am in my role as IAICDV president to make the association more relevant than ever to our various member segments. In my opinion, the optimal way of achieving this is to ensure we have transparent, open communication so please e-mail me should you have any questions or input you’d like to provide at The only way for me to best serve you is to know what the association and I can do to enrich your member experience.


IAICDV aims to further our industry by communicating our members’ successes and to strengthen the future for all of our members. These programs and awards that I have highlighted are just a few of the techniques and tools that the organization relies upon to elevate the industry! Another way we do this is through our various committees, with which I’d encourage you to get more involved. Additionally, our volunteer leadership is always looking for new faces and fresh perspectives. I promise you–You won’t regret the relationships and alliances that result from stronger engagement!


Once again, I’d like to ask each of you to do your best to grow our ranks by bringing at least one new member into our association this year. Together, we can and will improve our industry. Thank you for your continued investment in IAICDV. It’s my aspiration that we can all can continue to work well together so we can overcome whatever obstacles may present themselves as a team of committed, compassionate leaders! My best wishes for you and yours,

My best wishes for you and yours,

Hoss Rafaty

IAICDV, President



January 2015


Dear colleagues,

I hope this New Year brings you and your families much health, happiness, peace and prosperity. In November, our convention was a huge success because of the hard work of Chris Long, the committees and our association management team. If you missed our program at the convention, I’m happy to let you know that we filmed the educational sessions and seminars, and the videos will be posted on our website for access by members only.

My goal as the president of the IAICDV is to make the association more relevant than ever to our DSD distributor, Vendor distributor and Supplier Members alike by communicating with each and every one of you in order to understand your needs and expectations from the Association. My e-mail address is Please honor me by sharing your insights and knowledge of the marketplace, your customers and consumers and let me know how our association can better provide the services that help you with your challenges in 2015.

Recently, at the request of one of our supplier members, we formed a committee of industry leaders and tasked it to commission a third party research entity to study the differences between the services of a broad liner and a DSD distributor. This study will help to educate small and big retailers alike on the values of DSD distributors. The results of that study will be published in a report made available to our membership and the report is shareable by the membership with their respective teams and customers.

I also now ask each of you to try to bring in at least one new industry member, thus ensuring our continued and growing relevance in our industry.

In closing, I state my wish and hope that we can work well together because together we are much more effective in overcoming challenges.

My best wishes for you and yours,

Hoss Rafaty

IAICDV, President



May 2013


Greetings from the IAICDV! On behalf of the entire Association, I wish you and your company much success as we move through the busy spring season.


As the year progresses, the IAICDV Executive Committee and Headquarters Staff continue to work hard on Association improvements. I am happy to report that the Executive Committee met in Baltimore recently for the annual Mid-Year Meeting and worked diligently on sensational initiatives for all members. In fact, we are just weeks away from unveiling our new and improved website, which will have many new, exciting capabilities.


As hard as it is to believe, the 2013 Convention is less than six months away and your IAICDV staff is working every day to ensure that the 2013 Convention is one of the best yet. We have secured a terrific rate at the Paris Resort on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip, and I can’t wait to see you all in November! Additional information can be found on the IAICDV website.


I was on a plane recently when my seat neighbor asked me what I did for a living. When I explained that I was in the Ice Cream Truck industry, he responded by claiming that Ice Cream Trucks were "old-school.” Being polite, I quickly said, "yes,” and went back to my emails.


I’ll admit that this person’s small, off-hand comment stuck with me for the rest of the day. The more I thought about it, the more I realized just how foolish it is to think of Ice Cream Trucks as "old-school.”


Frankly, there is nothing more "new-school” than Ice Cream Trucks. Today, most of us celebrate concepts that we identify as modern and fresh: Pop-Up Restaurants, iPads, and On-Demand Movies come to mind. We celebrate businesses and technologies that make our lives easier and meet our demands instantly. We prefer Netflix over Blockbuster; Amazon over Borders; shopping online over Big-Box stores—out with the old and in with the new!


Society is always changing, constantly evolving, and consumer preferences change with it. We demand products to be available conveniently. With that in mind, I can think of nothing more mobile, convenient, or on-demand in the world of Ice Cream than an Ice Cream Truck. We’re the new "new.” Rejoice!


Chris Long

IAICDV President



January 2013


Happy New Year! Celebrate and Rejoice. The New Year is a wonderful time for everyone in the ice cream business. One of the greatest beauties of the ice cream business is that every year is a fresh start and a fresh beginning. Spring feels so close and with it comes optimism and the promise of great things.


Just as we experience this excitement and anticipation in our businesses, we can also look forward to the promise of another great year as members of the IAICDV. No matter what 2013 brings, rest assured that the IAICDV will be here to guide us all along the way. We are hard at work to provide you with more information, more programing, and more resources than ever before. Look forward to future announcements about these exciting changes and please take notice of the expanded information in this edition of Chimes.


As we enter into the New Year, I would be extremely remiss not to recognize the accomplishments and excellent leadership of out-going President Mike Johnston. Over the last two-years Mike has worked tirelessly to further the goals of our association and has overseen two of the best conventions in memory. Please join me in saluting Mike for his dedication and selfless leadership.


Your entire Executive Committee is committed to making 2013 the best yet. Please join me in welcoming the New Year in all of its glory.


Chris Long


IAICDV President


June 2012


School is out and the days are longer, what a perfect combination for the ice cream business!


Safety is important, are you and your drivers practicing and promoting safety this summer? Safety covers every aspect of our daily lives, it does not play favorites and it takes all of us to look out not only for ourselves but also the other person.


Put safety at the top of your daily check list and make sure that all of your employees know how dedicated you are to a safe work environment.


Examine the use of cell phones; they should not be used while driving either for talking or texting. They are a great tool for use in case of an emergency and should be thought of in that manner.


Use a driver check list for crucial vehicle safety inspections on a daily basis.


Talk safety to your employees as well as your customers, show them the level of commitment that you have.


Hold stand up safety meetings on a frequent schedule and address any unsafe issues.


Appoint a safety committee and have them do a safety assessment of their work environment.


Engage all in the act of having a safe day!


Michael Johnston

IAICDV President

Past Letters


April 2012


Spring is here and everyone should be ready for an exciting and prosperous 2012 selling season!


Many new opportunities continue to cross our paths and we should make sure that we take the time to explore them and take advantage of them. As we all know mobile vending is changing rapidly as a result of technology and many other changes. We should all be thinking ahead about what changes are necessary in our current business model to stay relevant and remain competitive and profitable as we continue to grow our businesses.


Social media is becoming a big part of our future and represents an excellent way to stay in tune with your customers.


The birth of the sophisticated food truck brings us new opportunities for selling products in areas not thought of before. There is a new web site worth checking out This is a great example of reaching your customers.


The future is here and we need to take advantage of the opportunities that we are exposed to. Change requires planning and a clear vision of the future. Take the time to take advantage of the opportunities that are brought on by change.


Have a great selling season and start planning for the future next year, five years and ten years from now!


Michael Johnston

IAICDV President


December 2011


IAICDV Members: We have just returned from the 2011 convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada.


For those of you that attended, we hope your experience was positive and that you were able to take away a few good ideas that will help you in the continued success of your business. A special thank you to our sponsors, exhibitors, and also to the Executive Board for all of their help!


We awarded the first ever Doctorate of Ice Cream Vending and inducted several individuals into the Hall of Fame.


We were excited to see many new exhibitors and many old friends! We attended workshops on social media and distribution efficiencies and had guest speakers covering topics on how to protect your business from fraud and also a great presentation on how the Internet can positively impact your business.


All in all it was a very busy week full of lots of excitement and great ideas on how to improve and increase your business. We will all have the opportunity to continue the momentum next year and share our successes at the Turnberry Isle Miami. Make sure you mark your calendars and save the date for November 5-8, 2012!


Finally, I want to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous Holiday season.


Michael Johnston

IAICDV President

Southern Ice Cream Corporation

48th Annual Convention

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