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"Winning with Full-Service DSD" Research Study Webinar 

Webinar presented on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

IAICDV's Distributor Division and George Crocker of Brickyard Associates presented the much-anticipated findings from the 2020 research study. This exclusive, member-only webinar featured Crocker's in-depth, specific interviews from five (5) experts in each channel (Drug, Convenience, Dollar and Small Format Supermarket) with the following goals in mind:

  • Explore the value of the Full-Service Direct Store Delivery model (FSDSD) over competing models, particularly Broadline/Self Directed distribution, in serving certain large customer segments (C-store, Drug, Dollar, and Grocery).  
  • Understand how customers in those core segments are looking at this comparison (FSDSD vs Broadline), what their quantitative and qualitative considerations are, and how compelling the FSDSD offering is in their eyes as compared to the Broadline alternative.
  • Develop a selling presentation for IAICDV member use that articulates the best possible sales pitch for the superiority of FSDSD over alternatives. 

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Return to Work - Facing the New Normal

Webinar presented on June 29, 2021.

As businesses and employers start the process of returning employees back to the workplace, there are a number of topics to consider, including preparation of a safe workplace, creating a structure for employee return and a brief look at developing a strategy for future planning. Within the presentation, Margaret Vesey will speak of safety measures to consider, including OSHA standards, employee support and training and emergency preparedness plans.

Presenter: Margaret Vesey, CFO, Simco Logistics Inc.

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This webinar is sponsored by Simco Logistics Inc. T/A Jack & Jill DSD.

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DSD Research Study Continuation: The Cost to Serve

Webinar presented on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

Presenter: Mike DaPonte, New England Ice Cream Corporation with opening remarks by Mike Gardner, IAICDV President-Elect and Marc Santini, Distributor Division Lead Director

The Cost to Serve webinar will help you further understand the costs to operate your business. The presentation will begin with a review of the key strategies of the IAICDV DSD Study that was conducted last year. Next, we will look at industry standards for costs related to warehousing, transportation, sales, administration and the all-important, cost to deliver. Additionally, we will dive into ensuring that you have the right product portfolio, you are acquiring the best new customers and selling more to current customers to guarantee profitability.

This webinar is sponsored by New England Ice Cream Corporation.

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DSD Research Study Continuation: Cost of Waste & Spoils, Credits & Damage From the View of the Distributor, Manufacturer & Customer

Presented on September 14, 2021

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Product credits, out of codes, spoils, discontinued product buybacks, freezer equipment failures and returns have often been viewed as a necessary evil, a painful process and usually unavoidable.
  • For distributors, manufacturers and customers, returns have often been seen as a nuisance, a cost center and an area of potential customer dissatisfaction.
  • As long as products are being sold, there will always be some type of credits, out-of-code, spoils, buybacks and returns.
  • For many distributors, the process of handling product credits, out of codes, spoils, buybacks and returns has been mostly on an ad hoc basis.
  • Many successful organizations have realized that the credit process incurs significant costs and that an effective product credit, out of codes, spoils and returns strategy is needed.

Presenter: John Corrao, Simco Logistics, Inc. T/A Jack & Jill DSD with opening remarks by Mike Gardner, IAICDV President-Elect and Marc Santini, Distributor Division Lead Director

This webinar is sponsored by Yumi Ice Cream.

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