Employee Recognition Award

As the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors continues to grow in membership and influence, it is important to encourage and promote key principles of goodwill, professionalism, excellence, safety and dedication to customer service within our organizations. The goal of this new program is to recognize employees who live up to these principles and reflect a positive image of our industry through exceptional customer service and/or safety habits. If you have an employee worthy of this award who meets the criteria below, please consider nominating this individual.


  • The organization must be an IAICDV member in good standing.
  • The organization may only nominate one employee per year.
  • The nominee cannot be a family member of ownership/management.

How will the winner be awarded?

The winner will be invited to attend the next IAICDV Annual Convention where he or she will be recognized by membership with an engraved plaque. The winner's full convention registration fee, hotel accommodations (up to 4 nights), and travel expenses (up to $500) will be paid for by the IAICDV. The Association will also invite the winner to bring one guest to attend the award presentation. The guest's travel expenses (up to $500) will be paid for as well.

Nominations for the 2021 Employee Recognition Award will open in Spring/Summer 2021. 

Past Award Recipients

Click here to view past winners of the Employee Recognition Award.