A Message from the IAICDV Board of Directors

The International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors (IAICDV) was shocked and disappointed to learn that some common ice cream truck melodies that we have all heard our entire lives have a history connected to racism, hate and prejudice. Songs like “Turkey in the Straw” were common in 19th-century blackface minstrel shows and lyrics were altered into offensive jargon. 

On Tuesday, June 16, 2020, Good Humor made a public statement denouncing the use of these chimes and the IAICDV fully supports Good Humor’s position. The IAICDV will work with Good Humor and all of the Association’s members to terminate the use of chimes that may be offensive.  

In order to work towards a better future sometimes we must confront the past. The IAICDV stands firmly for social justice and against any form of racism, prejudice and hatred. There is work to be done and we are committed to making ongoing, everlasting changes.

- The IAICDV Board of Directors

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