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Welcome to the IAICDV Resource Center. 

Business Resources

As a member of the IAICDV, you have access to a robust archive of association webinars, past conference session recordings and virtual trainings. 

Learn more from industry experts on topics such as human resources; financial planning and management; marketing & public relations; strategic planning; technology trends; employee engagement; and more. 

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Safety & Legislation

Safety: The IAICDV is committed to promoting safe vending practices by developing and implementing safety programs to ensure vendors are operating in a manner acceptable to their served communities. 

Legislation: While an individual might not have the ability or resources to challenge a possible regulation change, a strong association like IAICDV can. IAICDV represents the collective interests of its members and gains respect and recognition of the industry.

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Discount Programs

One of the benefits of an IAICDV membership is the discount programs offered by manufacturer members of IAICDV. These are exclusive discounts offered only to members of the IAICDV.

Are you interested in offering discounts from your company? Contact IAICDV Headquarters at [email protected] to find out how!

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Members receive our signature monthly e-newsletters called The ChimesThe Chimes is distributed on a monthly basis and provides the latest association information, industry news and legal regulatory updates. Stay up to date with what's going on in the mobile vending industry with The Chimes.

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Member Directory

As an active member, you have the benefit of viewing the IAICDV Member Directory at any time! You can either view the PDF version of the latest printed directory OR you can search through the interactive online directory. The interactive online directory updates in real-time, the printed directory includes paid members as of September 2021.

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