About the IAICDV


Our mission is to provide access to information for best practices in the ice cream industry.

The International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors (IAICDV) serves as a leading organization on best practices, industry solutions, mobile vending regulations, industry networking and expertise on ice cream and frozen desserts in the world. We connect every facet of the industry - from ice cream truck drivers to the industry's top corporate leaders - to one another with the goal of strengthening and solidifying the ice cream industry! We thank you for your interest and your membership in this international association of ice cream aficionados.


IAICDV members span the globe! Click here to view the 2017 association break-down infographic.


Founded in 1969, the Association was originally known as the National Association of Ice Cream Vendors, the NAICV,  As membership expanded, it later became known as the International Association of Ice Cream Vendors, the IAICV. In 2008, the organization formally welcomed Distributors, changing the name to the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors (IAICDV). The IAICDV now represents approximately 100 ice cream Operators, Distributors and Suppliers around the globe. Today, the IAICDV serves as a home for professionals - whether you are a top executive, an independent food ice cream truck operator or a direct store delivery (DSD) sales associate - interested in sharing best practices, learning more about corporate discounts, uncovering the world of mobile vending or just willing to share their ice cream expertise. We aren't just a home for ice cream brokers, ice cream vendors and distributors, we're a home for manufacturers, mobile vending operators and leaders of the ice cream industry - we are an ice cream social, if you will, of national, international and regional ice cream professionals. We are the leaders of the ice cream industry, and we're always looking for new insights, new ideas and fresh faces!  


  • To cooperate for the improvement and stabilization of the ice cream vending and distribution industries.
  • To conduct quality educational programs to benefit members.
  • To improve member profitability and strengthen the industries.
  • To study and, so far as possible solve, cooperatively, the problems of the ice cream vending and distribution industries.
  • To represent the ice cream industries in contacts with public officials and public authorities.