IAICDV 2024 Leadership

Who are the leaders behind the IAICDV? They are the individuals who are committed to elevating our industry and attracting new members to one of the strongest regional, national, and international associations of ice cream leaders in the world. They are committed to highlighting all aspects of the industry such as mobile vending, direct store delivery, ice cream manufacturing, and ice cream brokering. These are the people who wake up every day with the goal of improving our industry through the exchange of best practices, targeted training, special events, expanded resources, strengthened networking through social opportunities, and much more.

Executive Committee

Mike Gardner, Rich's Ice Cream

Marc Santini, Yumi Ice Cream



Luconda Dager, Velvet Ice Cream 


Immediate Past President
Bruce Ginsberg, New England Ice Cream

Industry Liaison
Melissa Leung, TransCold Distribution

Distributor Division Directors

Darrell Roberts, Yumi Ice Cream Co. (Lead)

Max Ginsberg, New England Ice Cream Corp.

Steve Heckathorn, Cold Front Distribution

Daniel Morales, Big Boy Ice Cream/Big Boy Concessions

Suhail Rifaie, Sweetheart Ice Cream

Manufacturer Division Directors

Scott Nance, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream (Lead)

Randy Martin, Wells Enterprises, Inc. 

Rich Oloffson, Mars Ice Cream

Mark Servaes, Tropicale Foods, Inc.

Dharmesh Vadchhedia, Unilever

Service Provider Division Directors

Scott Hoff, MRV Marketing (Lead)

Andrea Montreuil, Innodelice

Joe Parrino, Excellence Industries

Marketing Committee Directors

Jonathan Touhill, IntegraSys (Lead)

Alina Palenzuela, Ice Cream Distributors of Florida

Jaime Miller, Wonder Ice Cream

Honorary Directors

Steve Feldman

Jay Schwartz

Eric Walsh

Headquarters Team

Amanda Bolinsky, Executive Director Lindsey Strange, Associate Director

View a list of past presidents.