52nd Annual Convention Distributor Division Update: Action is the Key to Foundational Success

Thursday, November 10 • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM • Grand Ballroom I

Join the Distributor Division during this group roundtable as they review 2022 market issues like supply chain, operational, and establishing a sales cadence. All member types are welcome to attend! Being open to all members allows for open sharing with the ultimate goal of helping the industry continue making full-service distribution sustainable.

Division Members:

  • John Corrao, Executive Vice President of Sales & Field Operations, GlacierPoint Enterprises (Lead)
  • Luconda Dager, President, Velvet Ice Cream
  • Mike DaPonte, Executive Vice President New England Ice Cream
  • Darrell Roberts, Senior Director of Sales, Yumi Ice Cream
  • Jonathan Touhill, Director, Sales & Marketing, IntegraSys