52nd Annual Convention Educational Session:
The Importance of a Warehousing Management System

Thursday, November 10 • 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM • Grand Ballroom I

This presentation is centered around the importance of a Warehouse Management System for a distributor. Most distributors view Warehouse Management Systems as expensive scanners that move inventory in and out of the warehouse. Warehouses that use paper or scanning alone have hidden costs embedded within these processes. The reality is that a good WMS will fully automate the warehouse, accurately report inventory levels, and increase profits substantially. 

About the Presenter

Presenter: Mickey Hernandez, Sales Manager, LaceUp Solutions, Inc.

Mickey Hernandez started in the tech space in the early 2010s by building an outlandish social media app called imagoo.  This app connected hundreds of thousands of users through content comparisons and messaging. As a bonus, his developers were mining countless Bitcoins on the side at the office. From ages 22-24, he was on a mission to change the world and build something huge. Patience and money management were not a part of his vocabulary. Consequently, he blew through all of the funding and lost my Bitcoin hard drive in the process.

Hernandez had no money at 25 and was without direction when his uncle presented him with an opportunity to join LaceUp. This time he promised himself he would right the wrongs of my first venture. In the last 7 years, they have built a platform that 600+ distributors use daily to run their DSD operation and manage their warehouses. They've also started multiple YouTube channels to educate viewers on the importance of warehouse best practices. Today, their goal is to build the top warehouse management system in the DSD industry.