Past Scholarship Recipients


2022 Jim Roberts Scholarship Recipient

Abbie Tripp
Ice Cream Warehouse

Several people believe that a hero is only a figure that is shown in movies. For instance, Batman, Superman, policemen, or even the guy who saves the world. What many people don’t know is that everyone is a hero in some way. A hero is someone who has demonstrated courage or gratitude in their life, one who has overcome tough obstacles throughout life but still helps others, or someone who always puts their self-last. In my eyes, my mom is my hero and my role model.

My mom is one of the most selfless and hardworking women I know. She always shows kindness to others no matter what mood she is in. Her goal in life is to help others become a better person and she works hard to be the best version of herself. She strives to put others before herself even though she hasbeen through some of the toughest battles. She went through many obstacles throughout her young adult years so when she was old enough, she decided to make a change. Read Abbie's full essay

The IAICDV would also like to recognize the following runner-ups who received partial funding: 

2021 Earl & Cheryl Barish Scholarship Recipient

Bennett Ditlevson
Mik Mart Ice Cream 

For the past four summers, the ice cream industry has been my life. I started working at Mik Mart Ice Cream the summer before my senior year of high school and I knew that it was the best job a kid my age could ask for the day I started.

To me, the ice cream industry has represented personal growth, in many aspects such as entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, and social skills. This is my fourth summer working for Mik Mart and over the years I have learned many professional skills that will carry me far in life. Driving the trucks through the neighborhoods and seeing all the happy faces has helped me improve my communication and also Mik Mart has always pushed entrepreneurship which was constantly improving for me as I sold more and more ice cream over the years. My social skills have also drastically improved while working at Mik Mart, the relationships that I have made with not only my coworkers but also the owners, Kristi and Scott have been an awesome way to create a more welcoming and energetic workplace. Read Bennett's full essay.

The IAICDV would also like to recognize the following runner-ups who received partial funding: 

2020 Doc Abernathy Scholarship Recipients

  • Jaycie Bos, Buth-Joppes Ice Cream Co. Click here to read their essay.
  • Izabella Filippini, C&C Partners, LLC. (Moonie Icy Tunes). Click here to read their essay.
  • Josh Setala, C&C Partners, LLC. (Moonie Icy Tunes). Click here to read their essay.
  • Mojgan Shariati, TransCold Distributions Ltd. Click here to read their essay. 

50th Anniversary Scholarship Recipients

Kenas Sanjaya
TransCold Distributions Ltd.

My name is Kenas Sanjaya and I am an accountant at TransCold Distribution Ltd. Having a passion in accounting, I have always wanted to pursue CPA certification to further my education in the field. Now that I have been given this chance, I am one more step closer to achieving my dream.

I would like to use this moment to thank my wife for her substantial support, my family in Indonesia, my coworkers, and last but not least, IAICDV for giving this opportunity. Your financial generosity has inspired me to help others by giving back to the community.

Click here to read his essay.

Nick Navarro
Great Dane

My name is Nick Navarro and I am a freshman at Mount San Jacinto College in Menifee, CA. I am working towards an associate degree in digital media with an emphasis in web design, and eventually plan on creating my own business. With this scholarship, I will be able to get a head start on my future.

 Click here to read his essay.  




The IAICDV would also like to recognize the following runner-ups who were awarded $500 each.

Miranda Askey, Turkey Hill 
Nicholas Vowell, Davis Ice Cream
Megan Willburg, Transcold Distribution, Inc.

 2018 Al Reynolds Scholarship Recipient

Rachel Lawrence
Buth Joppes Ice Cream

My name is Rachel Lawrence, I'm originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I'm currently enrolled in my second year at Michigan State University. I'm a history major and once I graduate I hope to go on to law school and advise economic policies meant to help small business owners like my parents and so many of the hard working people around me.

This scholarship means the world to me as it helps take part of the burden off myself and my parents so I can work towards making effective change in the world.  

Click here to read her essay. 


2017 Jim Roberts Scholarship Recipient

Kyra Skievaski
Moonie Icy Tunes

My name is Kyra Skievaski and I am from Snohomish, WA. I am currently in my junior year at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, studying Business Administration. I would love to use this degree to eventually start my own business one day, and follow in the footsteps of my mother, who started her own business as well. I am extremely grateful to have been the recipient of this scholarship which allows me to continue to pursue my education at Pepperdine!

Click here to read her essay.


2016 Manny Ginsberg Scholarship Recipient

Nicholas Vowell
Ice Cream Warehouse (Davis Ice Cream)

My name is Nicholas Vowell. I was born in Lagrange, Georgia. I am currently in my third year of pursuing my English degree at the University of Georgia. After I obtain my English degree, I intend to go to law school and eventually become a lawyer. I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to win this scholarship, as it will help me further pursue my dreams of practicing law one day. I would also like to thank the Lord, my family and my friends for the immeasurable support system that they have continued to be throughout my life.

To view his essay on what the mobile vending business means to him,  click here.

2015 Earl & Cheryl Barish Scholarship Recipient

Leonard Brain

Mr. Ding-A-Ling Ice Cream 


My name is Leonard Brain and I was born in Lima, Peru. Many years ago, looking for new opportunities in my life, I decided to move in to the United States. I definitely do not regret my decision.   I have found in this beautiful country a wonderful life:  I met my wife and we have the reason of our lives, our baby boy Nicholas. In this country, I have also found many opportunities to work and to be a professional. I have the opportunity to work in the Ice Cream Truck business, and the chance to pursue a career in the Nanotechnology engineer industry. 

I am currently a sophomore in the Nanoscale Materials Science Program at SCCC. After graduation, I want to transfer to the Nanoscale Engineering Program at CNSE.  I am really grateful for being selected as the recipient of your scholarship award. Thanks to you, I am one more step closer to achieving my goal of becoming an engineer in Nanotechnology.

 To view his essay on what the mobile vending business means to him click here.

2014 Recipient

Anny Perez

Midlantic Vending

Anny expressed a deep desire to continue a higher education despite recent hardships. If you would like to read Anny's essay, click here.

2013 Recipient

Nicolas Vowell

Ice Cream Warehouse

Nick submitted an excellent essay with his application, exploring what "entrepreneurship" means to him. If you would like to read Nick's essay, click here.

2012 Recipient

Sophie Abate

Buffalo Gal Ice Cream & Goodie, LLC

To view her excellent essay on what vending business means to her, click here.

2010 Recipients

Jonathan Trunfio

New England Ice Cream Corp.

Cynthia Gonzalez

Arya Ice Cream, Inc.

Michael Newell

Arya Ice Cream, Inc.