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Since 1990 the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors has awarded more than $140,500 to deserving applicants who are determined to further their profession, and our industry, through advanced education. Thirty-three years later, the IAICDV remains committed to supporting the growth and advancement of its members through this important educational scholarship.

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There will be no scholarship program in 2023. 

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IAICDV Scholarship Funds 

The IAICDV awards scholarships on a rotating basis in the names of the following pioneers and icons of the association:

Manny Ginsberg Scholarship Fund

As a teenager, Manny Ginsberg began selling ice cream from a shoulder box on Revere Beach. In the summer of 1947, he built his first ice cream vending pick-up truck. Over the years, Manny proceeded to build a very large and diversified mobile street vending and wholesale distribution company, now known as New England Frozen Foods, Inc. based in Southborough, Massachusetts. Manny pioneered the concept of the inside sales ice cream truck as we know it today.

Through his vision, energy and determination, Manny was able to create opportunities for many people to be in business for themselves. Manny has been involved in numerous civic, charitable and industry-related causes pertaining to his belief in the American Dream. Manny was inducted into the IAICDV Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in 2009. 

Al Reynolds Scholarship Fund

Al Reynolds was a founding member of the IAICDV. He had been an influential figure in the vending business for decades He began selling Ice cream in the Bronx in 1947, and spent forty-four years working for Good Humor before his retirement in 1991. There he served in various rolls including President of the Good Humor Corporation. He was president of the IAICDV from 1974 to 1976, and once again in 1982. He was a true industry pioneer and was responsible for the development of the first safety slide presentation. The slide presentation was the forerunner and building block of the safety video and current safety DVD used to promote safe practices around ice cream trucks.

Al will always be fondly remembered for many contributions, but one, in particular, was his ability to recall the name of every person at the IAICDV opening sessions.

Jim Roberts Scholarship Fund

Jim was drawn to the IAICDV sometime in the sixties, involved in a case that went to the Supreme Court in Alabama regarding independent contractor status. From that point on, he helped protect the ice cream industry and the association with his legal guidance and support as Legal Counsel from 1974-2021. Over the decades, his wisdom and judgment have been instrumental in effectively solving business and individual problems for many vendors across the United States. 

He joined the IAICDV out of his sense of service in the early 1980s and served as an Honorary Director and member of the Executive Committee. In 2011,  he was inducted into the IAICDV Hall of Fame.

Jim was a great man. Considered a mentor by many. We will miss him and be thankful for his friendship and generosity to the IAICDV.

Earl & Cheryl Barish Scholarship Fund

Earl Barish has always had an innate love for the ice cream industry and the people involved in it. In 1989, Earl was on the cover of "Influence Magazine" as one of Canada's fifty most influential business people. In 1986, there was a chapter devoted to Earl as the "King of the Vendors" in Allan Gould's book, The New Entrepreneurs: Canadian Success Stories.

Both Earl and his wife Cheryl have worked hard together in the ice cream industry and in the IAICDV because of their belief in the entrepreneurial spirit, and their belief and confidence in the association, and its goals, purpose and mission. In 1994, marking the 25th anniversary of the IAICDV, they both felt it would be an opportune time to show their hope and faith in the future of the vending industry and in the association, by establishing a scholarship fund.

Doc Abernethy Memorial Scholarship Fund

In the ice cream industry, the name "Doc Abernethy" is synonymous with creativity and vision. During his thirty-six years in the business, Doc introduced a string of novelty innovations, from the Bomb Pop introduced in 1958, to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. By the 1980s, the country was ready for a good fruit and juice bar, so Doc created it - launching the Dole Frozen Dessert Business.

As a charter member of the IAICDV, Doc was a key figure in the Association's development, and a devoted supporter of the Association. In 1990, a scholarship was established in his name, supported by an initial grant from Doc's colleagues at Merritt Foods. In 1991, Doc was named an honorary director of the Association. His kindness, charisma and creativity will be greatly missed, but not forgotten.

IAICDV General Scholarship Fund

The IAICDV General Scholarship Fund is designed to help members of the IAICDV with business development. The scholarships are awarded to individuals who, by their hard work, perseverance and dedication to the entrepreneurial spirit, have made a significant contribution to their community, company, the ice cream vending industry, and their future success. The IAICDV General Scholarship Fund is supported by the Association, and through donations from IAICDV member companies.