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51st Annual Convention Distributor Division Meeting

Tuesday, October 19 | 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM | Butler

Marc Santini, Distributor Division Lead, Yumi Ice Cream, Inc.
John Corrao, Distributor Division Director, Simco Logistics, Inc., Jack & Jill DSD
Luconda Dager, Distributor Division Director, Velvet Ice Cream Co. 
Mike DaPonte, Distributor Division Director, New England Ice Cream Corp. 
Jonathan Touhill, Distributor Division Director, IntegraSys

In these open forum meetings, members will discuss their challenges, goals, and new ideas related to their focus areas. All member types are welcome to attend! Being open to all members allows for open sharing with the ultimate goal of helping the industry continue making full-service distribution sustainable.

Join us as special guest, George Crocker, Independent Strategy Consultant & Founder of Brickyard Associates, LLC elaborates on his findings from the recent DSD Standards of Excellence research study.

About George Crocker

George Crocker, Independent Strategy Consultant & Founder of Brickyard Associates, LLC

George Crocker was trained as a strategy consultant at Monitor Group, where he worked with food, beverage and consumer products companies for nine years, and was a leader in the firm’s marketing and sales strategy practice.  He was based in Hong Kong.

He subsequently served as the CEO of a diversified packaged food and beverage company in Australia and New Zealand which he grew to $400M, and where he drove improved profitability through operational efficiencies. He now serves as the General Manager of a private SME with three brands in the consumer space, based in Boston.

George has served as a Director on the boards of 7 privately held companies and currently serves as a Trustee of the Massachusetts Charitable Society.  He holds a BA from Amherst College and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley, and speaks French and Mandarin.

His approach combines rigor and practicality to create action and drive growth. Click here to learn more about George Crocker.

IAICDV Divisions

To meet the current, and, more importantly, the future needs of the membership and the industry, the IAICDV implemented a Division structure that will provide members a better opportunity to work within areas of personal or corporate interest. As a reminder, the structure is as follows:

  • Manufacturer Member Division: Members of this Division manufacture their own product or has produced private label products, sold directly to Vendor or Distributor, or through a Broker, who sells products or services to the ice cream vending and distribution industry. (Never takes ownership of the product). (Previously Suppler and Broker or Associate  Members)

  • Vendor Member Division: Members of this Division distribute product that sell to the vending trade, operates mobile vending vehicles (trucks, pushcarts, bicycles,) or distributes product to own fleet or independent fleet. Not DSD. (Previously Operator/Distributor I Members

  • Distributor Member Division: Members of this Division include distributors of products that sell to retail or food service locations, including DSD. For those who fall under both vendor and distributor member categories, the company should apply as a distributor member. (Previously Operator/Distributor II Members)