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51st Annual Convention Vendor Division Meeting

Wednesday, October 20 | 9:15 AM - 9:45 AM | Butler

Mark Farinas, Vendor Division Lead, Ice Cream on Wheels
Mike Barone, Jr., Vendor Division Director, Marina Ice Cream
Nick DeConna, Vendor Division Director, DeConna Ice Cream
Daniel Morales, Jr., Vendor Division Director, Big Boy Concessions, Inc./Big Boy Ice Cream
Alina Palenzuela, Vendor Division Director, Ice Cream Distributors of Florida

The Manufacturer Division Meeting will take place in a roundtable discussion format. This interactive meeting will cover relevant industry trends, provide new perspectives and expert advice, and bring a networking component among like-minded professionals. Come prepared to share ideas, challenges, opportunities, and ask questions. 

All member types are welcome to attend! Being open to all members allows for open sharing with the ultimate goal of helping the industry continue making full-service distribution sustainable.

To meet the current, and, more importantly, the future needs of the membership and the industry, the IAICDV implemented a Division structure that will provide members a better opportunity to work within areas of personal or corporate interest. As a reminder, the structure is as follows:

  • Manufacturer Member Division: Members of this Division manufacture their own product or has produced private label products, sold directly to Vendor or Distributor, or through a Broker, who sells products or services to the ice cream vending and distribution industry. (Never takes ownership of the product). (Previously Suppler and Broker or Associate  Members)

  • Vendor Member Division: Members of this Division distribute product that sell to the vending trade, operates mobile vending vehicles (trucks, pushcarts, bicycles,) or distributes product to own fleet or independent fleet. Not DSD. (Previously Operator/Distributor I Members

  • Distributor Member Division: Members of this Division include distributors of products that sell to retail or food service locations, including DSD. For those who fall under both vendor and distributor member categories, the company should apply as a distributor member. (Previously Operator/Distributor II Members)